Sweetie takes special care of mothers so mothers
can take special care of their babies.

We source the best solutions and select the highest quality products to make mothers´ lives easier, healthier more hygienic and comfortable.

Stretch Disposable Mesh Panties – For Ultimate Confidence and Comfort
  • For women after labor and during menstruation
  • Made of breathable fabric and without extra stitches, these panties are designed to hold the pads firmly in place and reduce the risk of leakage
  • Flexible, sheer and light, looks and feels like underwear

Disposable panties – Wear and Discard!
  • For women after labor and during menstruation
  • Made of extra soft non-woven fabric
  • No stitches – for complete comfort
  • Perfect for travel, spa, hospital stays and more

Soft Foam Memory Breathable Cushion – For Support and Faster Healing
  • For pregnant women, women after childbirth and women suffering from hemorrhoids
  • Made of memory foam, returns to normal after use and keeps the original shape of the cushion
  • Designed for optimal weight distribution and encourages proper seating
  • Convex curves provide support and comfort
  • An upper layer with three layers of breathable mesh allows maximum ventilation
  • Provides optimum support for the lower back and tailbone
  • Pillow prevents pressure on the sensitive area when sitting for short or long periods, enabling easier and faster healing

Portable Diaper Disposable Bags Dispenser – For On-The-Go Baby Changing
  • Contains fifteen 100% biodegradable disposable scented diaper bags with baby powder scent
  • Handy Clip for hanging the dispenser on the trolley, in the car, in your bag or even at home above your baby´s changing table
  • Ideal for play grounds, travelling or use at home - because you never know where you´ll need to change your baby´s diaper