Why Sweetie?

SWEETIE is a multi-level pacifier suitable for babies from their very first day. Made of soft natural 100% silicone, it doesn´t absorb bad smells and after tastes and its one-piece, silicone design makes it highly durable.

  • Fits the European standard EN 1400

  • One-piece non-tear pacifier

  • BPA free, Latex free and Phthalate free

  • Ventilation holes prevent irritation


SWEETIE is available in two formats:

With a round nipple similar to the mother´s nipple which simulates breastfeeding, or an orthodontic nipple especially designed to fit the mouth and jaw structure.


Sweetie Refuser Soother (Round Nipple)
Babies Can’t Refuse it

This next generation pacifier, developed after two years' research was especially created for babies who usually refuse to take a pacifier; with a light weight, small round nipple, and hole at the back, encouraging easy training.

  • Safe, lightweight, one-piece soother

  • Round nipple similar to mother's nipple which simulates the act of breastfeeding.

  • Pure grade A silicone, with no absorption of bad odors or aftertaste.

  • Ventilation holes minimise the risk of irritation.


Sweetie Orthodontics (Orthodontic Nipple)
For Healthy Oral Development

Developed in close collaboration with orthodontists for natural oral development. With its orthodontic nipple adjusted to the mouth structure, Sweetie Orthodontics enables the growth of healthy jaws and teeth.

  • Orthodontic nipple, designed to comfort and soothe baby.

  • Flexible teat, enabling the oral cavity to grow without interference.

  • Nipple design structure promotes proper tongue placement and encourages correct development of baby's teeth.